We are here for just a little bit of time; just long enough, in the midst of continual measures of difficulty to know, to realize, to be, to become and to leave.
— John de Ruiter (

World Arts Organization (WAO) trains professionals in the work of integrating the arts into various fields including therapy, education and conflict transformation. World Arts provides one to three year certificate programs. If a student wishes to be part of a degree program, WAO is a module provider for the summer EGS sessions. 

Markus Scott-Alexander is a multi-modal artist and teacher of polyaesthetics. As founder of WAO and senior faculty at EGS, his major focus is on phenomenological sensibilities in the study of body awareness and movement. He is a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist and has been in practice since 1986. Markus continues to teach internationally, most recently in Peru, Sweden, and Malta. Originally from New York, Markus immigrated to Canada in 2002. 


Responses to Markus from past students:

“I appreciated the structure. I felt that the theoretical input could give me a structure to work from....a solid form from which to start and hold space for the emergent.” -- RT

I like the transparency of your process. You embody what you teach. Loved the piano...thank you for that. – HF

Markus, you are a tender soul. The sensation I had was that my future clients were being held by you. EM

You held the space in a way I have never experienced before. You are so articulate and sensitive. I am touched by you as a human being and a teacher. CK

Your talks were succinct, clear and expansive. The frame was clear, inclusive and supportive. KJ