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W O R L D  A R T S  O R G A N I Z A T I O N


World Arts Organization     Markus G. Scott-Alexander, Director

Training in Expressive Arts in Therapy; Coaching and Consulting; and Conflict Transformation

Interfacing with the European Graduate School (EGS), Switzerland


World Arts Module Provider Information based on EGS text and explanations

All World Arts students wishing to attend the European Graduate School must complete Modules K, P and F through World Arts Organization (WAO) before graduating. In some instances, it is possible to satisfy the K module at the European Graduate School in Switzerland (see for further details).

Unlike other Expressive Arts (EXA) training programs, WAO offers these three modules concurrently. Completion of the modules takes approximately three years of part time studies. The number of hours that are required for completion is uniform in all institutes that interface with EGS. 

Past experiences are typically not accepted in lieu of module hour satisfaction.

A breakdown of the specifics of what World Arts offers is as follows. All questions may be brought to either Markus Scott-Alexander or to Anna Fenech assistant to EGS Master’s dean, Margo Fuchs-Knill.